Autobiography from Historical Scrapbook #1

These are scans from Floyd Clymer’s first book he published in 1944, they contain autobiographical information and evidence of his life. Click on the image and it is large enough to read.

Pages 5,6 and 7 above all as a lead in to his scrapbook collection of vintage advertisements. Typical example of most pages in the book is shown below (pages 30 & 31)


On page 41 Floyd shares with us an advertisement he had placed in 1907 in Motor Field Magazine. This small add made him a young celebrity.


Another add shown on page 20 is a sketch of his shared storefront dealership, run out of his fathers Doctors office.


Three years later in 1910 he was about to move from Colorado to Washington State, in the move itself he promoted for the Automobile Company Flanders.


The last thing noted in this first scrapbook was another add from 1926 after he had gone back to Colorado and opened up a Harley Davidson Dealership.