I knew about Clymer service manuals since I was 18 years old, I used one to fix my second Volkswagen in 1970 the year that Floyd Clymer died. Later in 1973 a friend borrowed that book one day and inadvertently saved my hide, even though he was just trying to fix a girl’s Ghia.

The DEA was watching the house, this package it seems had been sent from Germany containing hashish. Wanting very badly to deliver it to the addressee they jumped at the first chance. As my friend pulled into the driveway and sprung from the car, he had the key to my house. I had just given him the key so he could go borrow the Clymer Volkswagen service manual that was laying in my bedroom.

The DEA surrounded him quickly and proceeded to perform an arrest, only to find out they had the wrong person and that the search warrant had not been properly executed.

Many years later I owned a motorcycle shop and I began to sell Clymer Manuals as a side business, as my sales continued to grow I became more and more interested in the company and how it grew. After all I still had a debt of gratitude.

Over several years of collecting and researching I accumulated enough literature and photos to put together a decent story or biography on Floyd Clymer. And as life takes us on different journeys I was unable to compile my research. So this year (2015) I have decided to unpack and sell off whatever I can.

This website will soon be all that is left, so it is shared here for the curious. It will take some time and effort, so you are looking at unfinished work for now.